WISATA kota Palembang


The Most Beautiful Bridge In Indonesia (South Sumatera)


AMPERA is an icon of palembang City, it was beautifull bridge in South Sumatera, it was conected bettween two land at that city, and those land called ilir and ulu. an idea to build ampera brigde come since gemeente palembang at 1906, at that time Le Cocq de Ville as a second leader in palembang city.



The bridge length about 1,117 m, with a 22m bridge width, and height of 11.5 m or less from the surface of the water. The bridge has a weight of at least 944 tons, and also has two towers, each of which is 63m high from the ground level. The tower was used as an auger machine to lift the center of the Ampera bridge when the ship is going to pass.



it was build  in April 1962 after the approval of Mr. President. It Has originally named Bung Karno Bridge, it  was made by the respect of society to fight for the dreams of Palembang people in the construction of the bridge,and it was dedication in 1965, has established Bung Karno name as the name of a bridge. At that time, this bridge is the longest bridge in Southeast Asia. After political upheaval in 1966, when the antiSoekarno no need used his name for bridge names,it was changed to be Ampera Bridge (AManat Penderitaan Rakyat = Message of Suffering People). 



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