BENTENG KUTO BESAK (KUTO BESAK CASTLE and we called it BKB) is the center of Palembang Darussalam Sultanate palace , as traditional power centers that undergo a process transformation 19th century . Kuto from the Sanskrit word , which means : The city , castle , fortress , stronghold (Old Javanese – Indonesia ‘ , L Mardiwarsito , Nusa Indah Flores , 1986) . Melayu language (Palembang) seems to be more emphasis on the meaning of the castle , fortress , stronghold even that more defined meaning to the notion Kuto high fence shaped wall .Main idea came from the Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin I (1724-175 or we called by Jayo Wikramo , whose founded the Old Palace Kuta in 1737 . The Process to build this full of  supported by all the people in South Sumatera . Together They make a deal to collect some material to build and make  implementation energy for it.


   differentiation about afteroon and evening view


Who is an architect, is not known whose the truth an architects were Europeans. For monitoring the implementation of the work entrusted was a Chinese, which is whose an experts for their skills. As the material for adhesive cement brick limestone is used in rural areas Ogan River (the name of river). The limestone material stockpiles located in the rear area of ​​land which is now called Kampung Kraton Kapuran, and streams that was used as a means of transport is Kapuran River


Kuto Besak Castle view from ampera brigde in the evening


Kuto Besak Bridge View in the afternoon


In 1797, construction of the fort was completed, and began formally occupied by Sultan Muhammad Bahauddin on Monday, 23 Rajab 1211 Hijria in the morning or in conjunction with the February 21, 1797 AD. While the eldest son, who became Prince Queen (crown prince) occupy the Old Palace Kuta. And In 1819 the first Palembang War, the fort was attempted by the bullets cannon Dutch corvette, but none of the bullets that can penetrate either the wall or the door. As a result of running out of bullets and gunpowder, the Dutch stay out to Batavia. From this was born the phrase, stating that work in vain, because it did not come to fruition: ration exhausted, no one of Palembang, it means that no action just like effort to show the result, just bring sernata loss and fatigue. It was wrote greatly in Menteng War poem or verse also called Palembang War


p style=”text-align:justify;”>beside how beatifull and stronge it is, BKB was located in a strategic place , located in the land which is near Musi River ( on the front or south ) and Ampera Brigde, Rumah Makan Terapung, on the west by Sekanak River , in the eastern part Tengkuruk River and bounded behind or the north bounded by the River Kapuran, This area is called the Land of the Palace.

The Sketch of it was made by J. Jeakes
Shape and state show its looks like some island in a different located, and by the Dutchman was gave title as de Stad der Twintig Eilanden ( Twenty City Island), beside that  according to G. Bruining , the island ‘s most valuable ( dier Eilanden ) which is Kuto Besak , Kuta Lama and the Great Mosque stands .
The formation of the islands in Palembang city, it because there are many creeks that pass and cut the city. Naturally Palembang also called as Hundred Cities River . While at the beginning of the colonial era , Palembang dubbed by them as het Indische Venetie, Other nicknames are de Stad des Vredes, namely a peaceful place (Dar’s salam) . And indeed this is the official name of Kesultanan Palembang Darussalam.

Kuta Besak map (plus sign) seen with wikimapia

Technical and Structure
According to IJ Sevenhoven, regeering Netherlands commisaris first in Palembang, Kuto Besak 77 Roede width and length of 49 Roede (Amsterdamsch Roede = approximately 3.75 m, or the length is 288.75 meters and 183.75 meters in width), with a wall around strong and 30 feet high and 6 or 7 feet in width. This wall is reinforced with four bastions (bastion). Inside the walls there are similar and almost the same height, with the gates strong, so it can also be used for second defense if the first wall was broken.

For Recent measurements of the consultant it show slightly different size, which is 290 meters long and 180 meters wide.
Opinion de Sturler about fort Kuto Besak conditions: width 77 and length 44 Roede Roede, equipped with a 3 and a half bastion bastion full, which completes all four sides around the wall. The wall thickness and height of 5 feet inches from the ground. around 22 and 24 inches from the middle part of the palace called Dalem, specifically for the residence of the king, a few feet higher than ordinary buildings. Entirely surrounded by high walls to make sure about protection of the king. No one should approach the king‘s residence unless the family or the person who ordered. Another building in this palace is the placeto keep some ammunition and bullets

At the time of the war against the Dutch colonialists in 1819, there were as many as 129 shoots cannon on the Benteng Kuto Besak. Meanwhile, when the war in 1821, there were only 75 shoots a cannon on top of the Benteng Kuto Besak and 30 firearms along the river wall, the attackers threatened standby. we can see Lawang Buratan (west side gate) for the last story on it.

ImageBenteng Kuto Besak view in the afternoon with some activities around

Imagecourt of Benteng Kuto Besak


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