Mount Dempo is the highest stratovolcano in South Sumatra province that rises above Pasumah Plain near Pagar Alam and adjacent with Bengkulu Province. Seven craters are found around the summit. A 400 m wide lake is found at the northwest end of the crater complex.

The most recent activity has been in 2009. Historical activity has been confined to being small-to-moderate explosive activity that produced ashfall near the volcano

Was standing 3195 meters above sea level, Dempo is the highest mountain in South Sumatra, and also the highest peak in the Bukit Barisan mountain, it shown as far as you see around sumatera island. After get a cup of tea in the morning, you can listen some birds singing and also you can see how beatiful the sunrise at that moment, it will make your morning days will be perfect when you stay over there.


Located in between of South Sumatra and Bengkulu, exactly in Pagar Alam. As the name Pagar Alam which means natural fence, in fact, this whole place is surrounded by the hills and mountains. we need about 7 hours of driving to reach Pagar Alam from Palembang and 15 kilometers from the city center to Dempo Mountain in  Pagar Alam. The journey to this mountain will not be boring, because you will waste your time with the great views of cliffs and also valleys are fantastic with cool shades of the nature.over there will greeting to you the green view of tea near the street in front of your eyes until you come on Top.



An additional challenge of your adventure, that is about the historical of the cultures as a thing to make complete your adventure in this area. Carvings of stone of humans, animals and other scattered was shown at the slopes of Dempo Mountain. In Pagar Alam also Has traditional market which is is sells a goods local of variety such as tea, coffee, fruit, and others. It will be some good thing to make your adventure to be complete when you come and get some gift for your family and also your friends.


there is Nothing compare for the sensation to reach of the mountain when you success to come until the higher peak of this mountain. It all will be paid by magnificent view from the breadth of the horizon in the distance when you see how beautiful it is. This experience also can’t  paid with money. because you will see the crater of Dempo till active and also steaming. An atmosphere that you will take by your camera is the best trophy for the winner which is you was success to reach on the top.


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