The Legend of POSEIDON

The Legend of POSEIDON


The myths of Poseidon say he was the protector of all waters, also known as the God Of The Sea. He was the son of Cronus and Rhea. There are 2 versions about his childhood:

  1. He was swallowed by Cronus when he was just a baby, and then rescued by Zeus along his brothers and sisters.
  2. Rhea saved him by giving him to a flock of lambs when he was born and tricked Cronus giving him a colt for him to swallow. He was raised by the Telchines on Rhodes


After the victory against the Titans, Zeus, Hades and Poseidon divided the world to be ruled by all three of them, Poseidon kept the sea and earth, also as a gift for the help in battle, the Cyclops gave him a Trident. Being the protector of the waters, all the seamen worship him, and before they embarked on a trip, they prayed to him and used to drown a horse as sacrifice.

If someone dare to make a trip without pray to him first, he would make the earth shake hitting the ground with his Trident to create big waves and make the ships wreck.

Poseidon was the second most powerful God on Olympus. He was greedy and always tried to take away the cities from the other Gods. He was married to Amphitrite (daughter of the Titan Oceanus), from this relation was born the hero Thescus. Like his brother Zeus, Poseidon was a cheater and had various affairs, and fathered various sons and daughters, some of them are:

  • He had an affair with Tyro, taking advantage of the love she had for Enipus, he disguised himself as Enipus, and from this Pelias and Neleus were born.
  • Alope, daughter of Cercyon, was another woman that had sexual relations with Poseidon, and bron from this was Hippothoon. But when Cercyon found out who was the father, he buried Alope alive, but Poseidon saved her by turning her into a spring.
  • Poseidon saved Amymore from a Satyr, as a thank you for this, she accepted to be his lover, they both were the parents of Nauplius.
  • Medusa was another of her lovers, they both once had a sexual encounter in one of Athena’s temples,m this made the Goddess furious and as a punishment for such sacriledge Medusa was transform into a monster. When she was decapitated by Perseus, Pegasus and Chrysaor came out from her neck.


Another of the myths of Poseidon says that he desired the beautiful Demeter, and as a proof of his love, she asked Poseidon to create the most beautiful creature she has ever seen. After countless efforts and lot of time, he created the first horse, but was too late, for when he showed the horse to Demeter, she already had lost the interest on him.

Another myth explains how he lost the city of Athens against the Goddess Athena in a competition. In this competition both Gods were asked to give a present to the city. Poseidon using his Trident, hit the earth and from that spot, water started to come out, but the water was salty and was not of too much use, Athena on the other hand gave them an Olive tree. King Cecrops liked Athena’s gift better, this made Poseidon angry, and punished the city with a flood.

Also there is a myth that says that one day Poseidon and Apollo made Zeus made him upset, and for this he sent both to the city of Troy and be at the service of King Laomedon. The king asked the Gods to build a wall around the city to protect it, and at the end, he would give them a present. When the walls were done, the King did not kept his promise and Poseidon sent a sea creature to punish the King, but Heracles killed the beast.

The myths of Poseidon describe that he rides on a chariot pulled by Hippocampus that could ride on the sea. His animal was the horse, his sacred cities were Pylos and Thebes. His oracle was on Delphi, but Apollo took it from him.



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