The Most Beautiful 10 Mountains in the World (Photo Gallery)

The Most Beautiful 10 Mountains in the World (Photo Gallery)


Our planet is scattered with spectacular mountains – some worldwide known, others obscure, but all beautiful in their own way. Specialists from the travel publication “Wild Junket Magazine” have compiled a Top 10 of the most beautiful mountains on Earth.

“Whether you’re a photographer, geologist, mountaineer or simply a curious traveler, you will certainly find this list a mountain that will knock your socks off”, says Kayla Frost, editor of “Wild Junket Magazine”. So let’s start a journey from Antarctica to Alaska to discover 10 of the most beautiful mountains on Earth.

  • Cerro Torre, Argentina and Chile

Cerro Torre, Argentina and Chile

In Patagonia, on the border between Argentina and Chile, there is a very steep mountain, often hit by fierce storms: Cerro Torre.

Writer and mountaineer Jon Krakauer describes in the book “Into Thin Air” experience that he had when he conquered the peak extremely difficult: “I climbed on a high granite peak over a mile in height named Cerro Torre. Hit by winds of 100 knots and covered by frost, the mountain was once considered as the most difficult mountain on Earth”.

On top of the highest peak of a cap of frost is formed due to strong winds, which is why mountain climbing is very difficult. The peak was first conquered in 1974 by the “Ragni di Lecco” consisting of Daniele Chiappa, Mario Conti, Casimiro Ferrari, and Pino Negri.

  • Huayna Picchu, Peru

Huayna Picchu, Peru

The Incas knew why they chose this site for their famous city of Machu Picchu. Surrounded by numerous lush mountains, Machu Picchu is a spark of human civilization amidst the grandeur of nature. The most spectacular mountain Huayna Picchu is the region that watches over ancient cities. Visitors open challenge can climb this peak for a great view of the Inca ruins.

  • The Spectre, Antarctica

The Spectre, Antarctica

Few people have the chance to see the splendor of the Transantarctic Mountains, which stretch over 2,400 kilometers across Antarctica. Perhaps the most spectacular peak of this mountain range is The Spectre, the central peak of the chain bearing the name “Organ Pipe Peaks”. Geologist Edmund Stump, who traveled to Antarctica 13 times over 40 years, describes the chain “Organ Pipe Peaks” in the book The Roof at the Bottom of the World: Discovering the Transantarctic Mountains: “I never thought that a group peaks could be so dramatic, beautiful and perfect”.

  • Mauna Loa, Hawaii, USA

Mauna Loa, Hawaii, USA

Mauna Loa means “Long Mountain”, is the largest volcano on Earth, occupying an area of ​​5,271 square kilometers. The volcano covers half of the Big Island, the largest island in Hawaiian, and erupting for at least 700,000 years. Measured from the bottom of the ocean, where it gradually rises, the volcano Mauna Loa is ranked 10 in the top of the mountains in the Solar System, with 9168 meters height (of which only 4,170 meters are above sea level).

  • Matterhorn, Switzerland

Matterhorn, Switzerland

Matterhorn is a superb peak in the Swiss Alps in the shape of a pyramid, steep slopes, whose eastern wall is almost vertical, and rises to an altitude of almost 1000 meters above the glacier.

Andrew Evans, journalist magazine “National Geographic” nicknamed the “digital nomad” from his many travels, describes the unique experience he had when he saw for the first time this peak: “For three days I did not see anything when out of the blue, there it was – the most real mountain I have ever seen, glorious and worth all the souvenirs in the world”.

  • Denali, Alaska, USA

Denali, Alaska, USA

Denali (“High” in Koyukon language spoken by athapask Indians in Alaska), also known as Mount McKinley, measures 6,194 meters high, is the highest peak in North America. Even though it is not the highest mountain on Earth, record held by Mount Everest, Denali boasts another superlative – is the mountain with the greatest distance between the base and top, 5,500 meters, of all the mountains that are above the sea ​​level.

Mountains close to Denali, impressive in turn, seem small by comparison. The American mountain wilderness surrounding this are glaciers, tundra, forests and 39 mammals, including grizzly bears.

  • Alpamayo, Peru

Alpamayo, Peru

This pyramid of ice, long considered one of the most attractive mountains in the world, is in the Cordillera Blanca mountain range of Peru. Because of its unique beauty and shape, Alpamayo is very popular among climbers.

In July 1966, the German magazine “Alpinismus” conducted an international survey among photographers and climbers, and the conclusion was firm: Alpamayo was named “the most beautiful mountain in the world”.

  • Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Italy

Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Italy

The Dolomites of northeastern Italy can be seen three massive rocks that seem to spring from the ground. These incredible mountains, lined up like bowling, are admired by cyclists, travelers and nature lovers traveling through this region of Italy.

  • Ama Dablam, Nepal – Himalayas

Ama Dablam, Nepal – Himalayas

The Himalayas are a formation of many huge peaks, including nine of the 10 highest peaks in the world. Ama Dablam, a mountain whose name means “mother’s necklace” is not found even in the top 100 highest peaks of this mountain range, but offset by its extraordinary beauty. Most mountain rises gradually, but Ama Dablam rises sharply towards the sky, calling the attention of the viewer.

  • Kirkjufell, Iceland

Kirkjufell, Iceland

Throughout the year, Kirkjufell is a miracle. When the weather is hot, the mountain is green and the nearby Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall rages. In cold weather, snow covers the mountain making it shine, the sky is colored by auroras and Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall is frozen. No wonder that this sleek and symmetrical mountain is one of the most photographed places in Iceland.


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