Selena Gomez: Forget Kendall & Kylie Jenner — Lean On Real Loved Ones

Selena Gomez: Forget Kendall & Kylie Jenner — Lean On Real Loved Ones


Selena Gomez, multiple sources have told that you’re in emotional turmoil right now. So, don’t just stop following Kendall, Kylie and Justin on Instagram — start counting on your parents and longtime friends for support. They’re the ones who really care.

Selena Gomez, you have everyone wondering why you have cut ties on Instagram with Kendall Jenner, 18, Kylie Jenner, 16, and off-again/on-again boyfriend, Justin Bieber, 20. Well, at, we’ve learned that your love Justin has let you down one more time.


Selena Gomez Needs To Reunite With Taylor Swift And Forget About Kylie And Kendall Jenner

Just when you thought that he was finally ready to commit and was even planning to move in with you, a source has revealed to that he has just blown you off again.

He jetted off to Japan without you, and you’re certain that he wants his freedom to “hook up with other girls,” according to the source.

Justin “promised he would move in with Selena and be her so-called ‘protector,’ but he has bailed on that idea,” says the source. “This came as a complete shock to Selena — once again, he has broken her heart.”

Selena, we really feel for you at It’s terrible when you love someone so much and they take your love for granted. No wonder you stopped following Justin on Instagram — it’s the least you could do.

And no wonder you’re cutting off ties (at least social media ties) with Kendall and Kylie Jenner. They are friends of Justin and think that he walks on water.

In other words, they can’t be your 100 percent supporters. They don’t have your back — not the way that your former BFF Taylor Swift did.

Taylor really was your trusted confidant. She loved and cared about you, and NOT Justin. In fact, she didn’t care about Justin at all, or for him, and how he treated you. We all know how that went down — Taylor overstepped her bounds as a BFF and gave you a Justin-or-Taylor ultimatum.

Now, we hear that not only are you devastated by Justin’s new betrayal, but you feel like you have no support, according to another insider source.

Selena Gomez Needs To Focus On Herself And Leave Justin Bieber, If He Won’t Treat Her Right

Selena “just feels really alone and doesn’t know who to trust or to turn to right now,” explains the source.

Selena — we agree. That’s an awful feeling. No one wants to feel alone and unloved.

But here’s the thing, Selena — you aren’t alone and you aren’t unloved. Kendall and Kylie may be fun to hang out with, but they aren’t trusted confidants and probably never will be. So, their friendship isn’t a real loss because it was never meaningful in the first place.

You do have your very loving mother, Mandy Cornett, and stepfather, Brian Teefy, who love and care for you unconditionally. Your parents have always been there for you and will continue to be, even if you’ve decided that they shouldn’t manage your career.

Your mom has always been your mom first, and distantly second, she’s been your manager. Lean on her. And lean on the other family and friends that you’ve been close to for years. We know that you have always had a close, supportive inner circle — you just have to go back there now.

You also need to go back to your therapist again. When you went to rehab, it was only for two weeks, and two weeks is not a longtime to deal with emotional issues or any other kind of issues.

Your family “has been wanting you to … put a 100 percent focus on herself right now and she’s finally agreed,” a source tells “She’s getting therapy again and the goal is to get her back to a healthy place.”

That’s exactly what you should be doing, Selena — seeing an excellent professional who can help you work through your issues. You need to understand why you continue to get so emotionally involved with and dependent on Justin when he keeps letting you down.

You’re such a smart, talented, giving, wonderful person — why are you putting up with not being treated like a precious princess by Justin? You need to understand that.

As you posted on Instagram on April 22, quoting Mary J. Blige, “But my love for myself is lacking a little bit / have to admit that I’m working on me.”

That’s exactly what you need to do — work on being a more self-fulfilled, happier you.

And while you do it, don’t lean on superficial friends like Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Lean on old, true friends. I know that you’re still upset with longtime BFF Taylor for asking you to choose between herself and Justin, but if she hasn’t reached out to you already, swallow your pride and call her. I bet that Taylor would welcome you back as a friend in the blink of an eye and be there as the support you need.

She’d be proud of you for realizing that you have to keep working on you — not your relationship with Justin Bieber.

HollywoodLifers, should Selena lean on her parents and old friends like Taylor instead of Kendall and Kylie? Let me know.

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