Si Manis Jembatan Ancol

The Sweet Maiden of Ancol Bridge



Just call it Ancol Bridge, which used to be a rocking bridge, was located in North Jakarta. This bridge is more popular’ than larger and nice Bridge in Jakarta. It’s Not because of how unique or beaytiful it is, but the story behind this was support it to be phenomenal bridge.

In 1995, a painter in Ancol visited by a woman who ask painted. When the day was dark and the drizzle began to fall. At the request of the woman, the artist began to sweep the brush on the canvas surface. However, when a new artist to draw half of the body, the woman disappeared. Residents believe that the woman is Si Manis Jembatan Ancol.

This myth has been started decades earlier. In the ’60s when the Ancol area is still a dams (pond), a rower boat met with The Sweet. The woman was riding a boat at night and pay the rowers with leaves. This information is obtained from Roommates Simatupan, an itinerant photographer in Ancol.

Actually, Who is Si Manis Jembatan Ancol?

Based on oral tradition that developed in the surrounding community, Si Manis named Mariyam (some say the girl named Siti Ariah), which is a sweet girl who died in the village development area Ancol bridge and his body was dumped after being raped.

 Because of unnatural death, eventually Mariyam become ‘gatekeepersAncol bridge appeared several times on certain people. As ever experienced by Anshori, cigarette sellers near the exit Ancol. Anshori claimed to have seen Siti Ariah close. He opened the first cigarette kiosk here in 1990, exactly next to the bridge shake.
At that time was evening of Friday, Anshori was waiting his stall, rather drizzle. Around 1 am, through a woman. When it was a bit much, she turned toward the stall approached Anshori smile. Anshori greet the women who she thought was a potential buyer‘s merchandise. Anshori with women‘s distance of approximately 50 cm.
According Anshori, sweet-faced woman, and wears a yellow shirt and gray skirt. Once asked what was about shopping, the woman disappeared. Although not wear all-white clothing, she is sure Anshori Si Manis Jembatan Ancol.
Hotel Horison Ancol, which is also located in Ancol, was not separated from the story. In this beautiful woman often seen passing in front of the eyes but made ​​clear when the woman lost somewhere. It is said that the woman is none other than the legendary figure Si Manis Jembatan Ancol. Reportedly the hotel management made ​​a special room for this sweet ghost. Do not believe come yourself.
Still from Ancol, North Jakarta. In addition Horison Hotel, Putri Duyung Ancol also has a story. In one building Putri Duyung  Ancol ever there was an incident where a woman killed in a tragic accident.
Aside from the Putri Duyung Ancol, racing cars Ancol area also save a story. Did you know that this place is where the first discovery of the corpse is cut off (the case of mutilation). Legend corpse cut into thirteen (13) of this section is a separate record of events that started the dismemberment others around Jakarta. Until now, the killer was never found.
In addition to the bridge Ancol, Ancol sunter times also supposedly haunted by the surrounding community. In the past, at this time there are events that never killed a lot of people, namely the mini metro terperosoknya into sunter times. So most of the passengers drowned

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