Top 10 Beautiful Water Fall In The World

Top 10 Beautiful Water Fall In The World

Waterfall is natural appearance which some attractive view, there are 10 the most beautiful waterfalls in the world.

here we go to see for top 10  the most beautiful waterfalls in the world:

  • Steinsdalsfossen waterfall

Steinsdalsfossen waterfall

  •  McWay Falls

McWay Falls

  • Alamere Falls

Alamere Falls

  • Burney Falls

Burney Falls

  • Baatara Gorge Waterfall

Baatara Gorge Waterfall

  • Beaver Falls

Beaver Falls

  1. High Force
    High Force
  • Fulmer Falls

Fulmer Falls

  • Silverthread Falls

Silverthread Falls

  • Umpang Thee Lor Sue Waterfall

Umpang Thee Lor Sue Waterfall


Wisata kota Lubuk Linggau , Air Terjun NIagara “air terjun temam”

Objek Wisata Air Terjun Temam 2 berlokasih Lebih Kurang 11 Km kearah selatan dari pusat Kota Lubuklinggau


Wisata kota Lubuk Linggau , Air Terjun NIagara “air terjun temam”




Air Terjun Temam memiliki ketinggian sekitar 12 m dan lebar 25 m. Lokasinya dikelilingi batu-batuan alam serta pepohonan yang hijau dengan kondisi lingkungan alam yang masih alami.  Air terjun ini berada di aliran Sungai Temam.  Di atas air terjun ini terdapat jembatan gantung yang melintang sepanjang 100 m sehingga pengunjung dapat melihat air terjun dari atas hanya dalam jarak sekitar 50 m.

Temam Waterfall has height about 12m and width 25m. There are stone and green trees around this place, and for the condition atill looka like nature. This waterfall is located in the flow of Temam river. At the top of the waterfall there is a suspension bridge which is long about 100m, so that the visitors can see it from up stair within 50m for the distance.


Hal yang disayangkan objek wisata Air Terjun Temam ini hanya dibuka pada hari libur atau tanggal merah saja, karena di luar hari itu pengunjung biasanya sepi.

unfortunately it is only open on public holidays or weekend, because on weekdays the visitors usually deserted.


air terjun temam


  • location/lokasi

Terletak di Kelurahan Air Temam, Kecamatan Lubuklinggau Selatan I,   Kota Lubuklinggau, Propinsi Sumatera Selatan

It was located at Air Temam village , District of South Lubuklinggau I, Lubuklinggau City, South Sumatra Province.

  • accessibility

Berjarak 11 km dari pusat kota Lubuk Linggau ke arah selatan atau sekitar ± 30 menit dengan kendaraan bermotor melalui dua jalan masuk alternatif, yaitu jalan masuk ke arah Kelurahan Rahma atau Kelurahan Air Temam dengan kondisi jalan penghubung yang cukup bagus.  Air Terjun ini sendiri terletak ± 50 m dari jalan poros yang menghubungkan antara Kelurahan Air Temam dan Kelurahan Rahma.

it’s about  11 km  from city center to the south Lubuk Linggau or approximately ± 30 minutes by motor chicle there are two option street to come there,  alternative, it call the Village Water Village Temam Rahma which is it was connected roadand has a good way. This Waterfall was located ± 50 m from main street which is connection  between the air temam Village and Rahma village 

Adapun kota lubuk Linggau sendiri dapat ditempuh dengan 6.5 jam perjalanan dengan kendaraan bermotor dari Palembang. Sebagai alternatif lain, kota ini juga dapat dicapai melalui Bengkulu dan berjarak sekitar 4 jam perjalanan dengan melewati kota Kapahiang dan Curup.

from palembang to lubuk linggau within 6.5 hours  by motor cycle. And there is an alternative option, we can visit Lubuk Linggau from Bengkulu it just 4 hours taking time for journey, which is passing through Kapahiang city and curup .

  • parking Fee and  ticket

Harga tiket masuk adalah Rp 1000 per orang dan parkir kendaran Rp 3000 per kendaraan.

You only pay about Rp 1000 For the Ticket and Rp 3,000 per for parking fee

  • accommodation and facilities

Beberapa fasilitas di pendukung objek wisata tersebut sudah banyak yang rusak dan perlu perbaikan. Seperti besi pembatas tangga sudah banyak yang lepas dan rusak. Kemudian jembatan gantung, papannya sudah banyak yang lepas. Sedikit yang tersisa, itu pun kondisinya sudah lapuk.

There are some facilities support was broke and need reperation, Such as an iron wall, some  staircase loose and demaged. And Then the suspension bridge also, the board had to loose.just left little of their part, for the condition also already obsolete .




Mount Dempo is the highest stratovolcano in South Sumatra province that rises above Pasumah Plain near Pagar Alam and adjacent with Bengkulu Province. Seven craters are found around the summit. A 400 m wide lake is found at the northwest end of the crater complex.

The most recent activity has been in 2009. Historical activity has been confined to being small-to-moderate explosive activity that produced ashfall near the volcano

Was standing 3195 meters above sea level, Dempo is the highest mountain in South Sumatra, and also the highest peak in the Bukit Barisan mountain, it shown as far as you see around sumatera island. After get a cup of tea in the morning, you can listen some birds singing and also you can see how beatiful the sunrise at that moment, it will make your morning days will be perfect when you stay over there.


Located in between of South Sumatra and Bengkulu, exactly in Pagar Alam. As the name Pagar Alam which means natural fence, in fact, this whole place is surrounded by the hills and mountains. we need about 7 hours of driving to reach Pagar Alam from Palembang and 15 kilometers from the city center to Dempo Mountain in  Pagar Alam. The journey to this mountain will not be boring, because you will waste your time with the great views of cliffs and also valleys are fantastic with cool shades of the nature.over there will greeting to you the green view of tea near the street in front of your eyes until you come on Top.



An additional challenge of your adventure, that is about the historical of the cultures as a thing to make complete your adventure in this area. Carvings of stone of humans, animals and other scattered was shown at the slopes of Dempo Mountain. In Pagar Alam also Has traditional market which is is sells a goods local of variety such as tea, coffee, fruit, and others. It will be some good thing to make your adventure to be complete when you come and get some gift for your family and also your friends.


there is Nothing compare for the sensation to reach of the mountain when you success to come until the higher peak of this mountain. It all will be paid by magnificent view from the breadth of the horizon in the distance when you see how beautiful it is. This experience also can’t  paid with money. because you will see the crater of Dempo till active and also steaming. An atmosphere that you will take by your camera is the best trophy for the winner which is you was success to reach on the top.




BENTENG KUTO BESAK (KUTO BESAK CASTLE and we called it BKB) is the center of Palembang Darussalam Sultanate palace , as traditional power centers that undergo a process transformation 19th century . Kuto from the Sanskrit word , which means : The city , castle , fortress , stronghold (Old Javanese – Indonesia ‘ , L Mardiwarsito , Nusa Indah Flores , 1986) . Melayu language (Palembang) seems to be more emphasis on the meaning of the castle , fortress , stronghold even that more defined meaning to the notion Kuto high fence shaped wall .Main idea came from the Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin I (1724-175 or we called by Jayo Wikramo , whose founded the Old Palace Kuta in 1737 . The Process to build this full of  supported by all the people in South Sumatera . Together They make a deal to collect some material to build and make  implementation energy for it.


   differentiation about afteroon and evening view


Who is an architect, is not known whose the truth an architects were Europeans. For monitoring the implementation of the work entrusted was a Chinese, which is whose an experts for their skills. As the material for adhesive cement brick limestone is used in rural areas Ogan River (the name of river). The limestone material stockpiles located in the rear area of ​​land which is now called Kampung Kraton Kapuran, and streams that was used as a means of transport is Kapuran River


Kuto Besak Castle view from ampera brigde in the evening


Kuto Besak Bridge View in the afternoon


In 1797, construction of the fort was completed, and began formally occupied by Sultan Muhammad Bahauddin on Monday, 23 Rajab 1211 Hijria in the morning or in conjunction with the February 21, 1797 AD. While the eldest son, who became Prince Queen (crown prince) occupy the Old Palace Kuta. And In 1819 the first Palembang War, the fort was attempted by the bullets cannon Dutch corvette, but none of the bullets that can penetrate either the wall or the door. As a result of running out of bullets and gunpowder, the Dutch stay out to Batavia. From this was born the phrase, stating that work in vain, because it did not come to fruition: ration exhausted, no one of Palembang, it means that no action just like effort to show the result, just bring sernata loss and fatigue. It was wrote greatly in Menteng War poem or verse also called Palembang War


p style=”text-align:justify;”>beside how beatifull and stronge it is, BKB was located in a strategic place , located in the land which is near Musi River ( on the front or south ) and Ampera Brigde, Rumah Makan Terapung, on the west by Sekanak River , in the eastern part Tengkuruk River and bounded behind or the north bounded by the River Kapuran, This area is called the Land of the Palace.

The Sketch of it was made by J. Jeakes
Shape and state show its looks like some island in a different located, and by the Dutchman was gave title as de Stad der Twintig Eilanden ( Twenty City Island), beside that  according to G. Bruining , the island ‘s most valuable ( dier Eilanden ) which is Kuto Besak , Kuta Lama and the Great Mosque stands .
The formation of the islands in Palembang city, it because there are many creeks that pass and cut the city. Naturally Palembang also called as Hundred Cities River . While at the beginning of the colonial era , Palembang dubbed by them as het Indische Venetie, Other nicknames are de Stad des Vredes, namely a peaceful place (Dar’s salam) . And indeed this is the official name of Kesultanan Palembang Darussalam.

Kuta Besak map (plus sign) seen with wikimapia

Technical and Structure
According to IJ Sevenhoven, regeering Netherlands commisaris first in Palembang, Kuto Besak 77 Roede width and length of 49 Roede (Amsterdamsch Roede = approximately 3.75 m, or the length is 288.75 meters and 183.75 meters in width), with a wall around strong and 30 feet high and 6 or 7 feet in width. This wall is reinforced with four bastions (bastion). Inside the walls there are similar and almost the same height, with the gates strong, so it can also be used for second defense if the first wall was broken.

For Recent measurements of the consultant it show slightly different size, which is 290 meters long and 180 meters wide.
Opinion de Sturler about fort Kuto Besak conditions: width 77 and length 44 Roede Roede, equipped with a 3 and a half bastion bastion full, which completes all four sides around the wall. The wall thickness and height of 5 feet inches from the ground. around 22 and 24 inches from the middle part of the palace called Dalem, specifically for the residence of the king, a few feet higher than ordinary buildings. Entirely surrounded by high walls to make sure about protection of the king. No one should approach the king‘s residence unless the family or the person who ordered. Another building in this palace is the placeto keep some ammunition and bullets

At the time of the war against the Dutch colonialists in 1819, there were as many as 129 shoots cannon on the Benteng Kuto Besak. Meanwhile, when the war in 1821, there were only 75 shoots a cannon on top of the Benteng Kuto Besak and 30 firearms along the river wall, the attackers threatened standby. we can see Lawang Buratan (west side gate) for the last story on it.

ImageBenteng Kuto Besak view in the afternoon with some activities around

Imagecourt of Benteng Kuto Besak




True LOVE Story Between the Tan Bun An and Siti Fatimah

The Legend of Kemaro island in South Sumatra, Palembang.

Kemaro Island is a small island in that stretches over Musi River. It separates the opposite side of the pit and ilir Palembang. In Indonesian, Kemaro Island means the same as the Dry Island. It Said, because the island is never flooded by water even during high tide the Musi river experience. Kemaro Island is always visited by people whose especially Tiong Hoa,which is  they come to celebrate  Cap Go Meh.


There is romantic loImageve story behind of Kemaro Island,
Once upon a time there was a princess Palembang her named is Siti Fatimah, she has beautiful face and very charming . So many rich young men come and try to make relationship with her, But noone of them were successful , because her father only need someone whose come from aristocratic descent and an equal .Simultaneously at that time there was a young man from China named Tan Bun An anchored with his crew in the Malay country with the intention to trade .Tan Bun An apparently wasn’t an ordinary sailor . He is the crown prince of the kings of China who intend to make a trade with the kingdom of Palembang  and Then he met the king of Palembang to convey the intent of his arrival .
King Palembang thread Tan bun an with respect, Since then , all the results obtained by Tan Bun An from trade distributed to the king of Palembang in accordance with the agreements .
Until one time, Tan Bun An meet with Siti Fatimah, he intersting with how beauty she is. and SIti fatimah also interested with the figure of a handsome young man and full of the manners just like Tan Bun An, THats why both of them fall in love.
Tan Bun An didn’t  want to waste for the opportunity and Then he tried to made his mind to getSiti Fatimah for him. How wonderful the king heard that the crown prince of China told him to get his daughter to be with him.But the king asked a requirement that must be met by Tan Bun An, he need nine fruit jars containing gold as a dowry for his daughter. Tan Bun An was the king agreed for it, and Then he ordered the guards and his crew to convey this news to his parents that no other country is the ruler of china at that time.
The crew with the ship was returned to China to convey a letter from An Bun Tan to their king. While wedding Tan Bun An and Siti Fatimah held a large scale in PalembangAfter six full moon, the crew and Tan Bun An escort back from China with a letter from his parents and nine fruit jar containing gold for agreement by the king of Palembang. But jars were intentionally covered by vegetables in order to avoid pirates.  When it already heard by Tan Bun An, he goes with Siti Fatimah and ladies to wait rushing to meet the crew and bodyguards dibantaran Palembang Musi river to take for the gold as agreement to marry the bautiful princess of palembang.
letter was delivered by his parents said that they apologized to Tan Bun An coz they can’t visit Palembang to see their him and his beautiful girl. Meanwhile, according to the king’s request Palembang, they have prepared and containing nine pieces of gold on board. How wonderful Tan Bun An after read the letter from his parents. Directly he came on board with Siti Fatimah to check the jars, But how surprised he is when he tried to find that The contents of the jar first only vegetables and also the vegetables has bad smelly.
In his Deep heart, he can see how the king of Palembang‘s law if it turns out that he is carrying the urn containing vegetables that had rotted. Surely he would be embarrassed. Tan Bun An was angry and threw upwards the Musi River. Likewise with urns second, third, fourth and so on. Until the jars were all nine, while Tan Bun An wants them over the Musi river suddenly he tripped and fell down the jar something to rupture on board. Tan Bun An astonishment, when he saw the gold bars in the last jar, He was sorry and Then turn himelf into Musi river with the intention of taking the golds.
Siti Fatimah anxious with Tan Bun An circumstances that didn’t arise to the surface of the river come throw themselves into the Musi river. Before that he said something to the ladies. If there is a pile of soil appeared above the surface of the Musi river, then it means it is her tomb, The ladies, crew, and Tan Bun An escort faithful then come submerge themself into the Musi river with his ship, After a few months of that accident they never comeback.
after that accident not for long time, was shown land on the surface of the musi riveras what said by siti fatimah before she death, Until now a heap of soil which gradually formed a small island in the middle of the Musi River called Kemaro Island. The island has always seemed like experiencing drought in progress. Although the state of the Musi river was high tide.






WISATA kota Palembang


The Most Beautiful Bridge In Indonesia (South Sumatera)


AMPERA is an icon of palembang City, it was beautifull bridge in South Sumatera, it was conected bettween two land at that city, and those land called ilir and ulu. an idea to build ampera brigde come since gemeente palembang at 1906, at that time Le Cocq de Ville as a second leader in palembang city.



The bridge length about 1,117 m, with a 22m bridge width, and height of 11.5 m or less from the surface of the water. The bridge has a weight of at least 944 tons, and also has two towers, each of which is 63m high from the ground level. The tower was used as an auger machine to lift the center of the Ampera bridge when the ship is going to pass.



it was build  in April 1962 after the approval of Mr. President. It Has originally named Bung Karno Bridge, it  was made by the respect of society to fight for the dreams of Palembang people in the construction of the bridge,and it was dedication in 1965, has established Bung Karno name as the name of a bridge. At that time, this bridge is the longest bridge in Southeast Asia. After political upheaval in 1966, when the antiSoekarno no need used his name for bridge names,it was changed to be Ampera Bridge (AManat Penderitaan Rakyat = Message of Suffering People). 





pulau tidung adalah salah satu pulau dari kepulauan seribu,dimana pulau ini menawarkan panorama yang indah, dengan nuansa laut yang indah serta mempesona, tidung island dimana memiliki 2 pulau yakni tidung besar dan tidung kecil, tidung besar adalah tempat tinggal masyarakat pulau tidung yang juga menyediakan home stay bagi pengunjungnya…
sedangkan tidung kecil adalah pulau di seberang tidur besar dimana pulau ini dihubungkan oleh jembatan yang dinamakan jembatan cinta



dimana pulau tidung juga menawarkan pemandangan indah saat sunset dan sunrise, dipulau ini begitu banyak pengunjung, bukan hanya dari jakarta, bahkan dari bandung, medan, lampung, palembang bahkan tourist manca negarapun banyak yang berkunjung ke pulau mungil namun indah ini.

dimana pulau tidung juga menawarkan pemandangan indah saat sunset dan sunrise, dipulau ini begitu banyak pengunjung, bukan hanya dari jakarta, bahkan dari bandung, medan, lampung, palembang bahkan tourist manca negarapun banyak yang berkunjung ke pulau mungil namun indah ini.

selain panorama dan sunset serta sunrise yang menjadi daya tarik dari pulau ini adalah ikan laut nya yang bervariasi yang membuat pengunjung pulau ini menjadi sangat tertarik untuk melakukan snorkling,

setiap pengunjung pulau ini pasti akan melakukan snorkling yang di pandu oleh gide setempat, hal ini bertuuan untuk melihat keanekaragaman ikan laut yang ada di sekitaran pulau ini.

selain snorkling pengunjung pulau juga dapat menikmati suasana pantai dengan menggunakan sepeda yang telah disiapkan dari masing2 home stay,

laut, pantai pasti takkan lepas dari permainan laut seperti, banana both, kano dan lain2. di pulau ini pun menyediakan fasilitas tersebut.

bahkan budidaya manggrove pun ada di pulau ini,,, saya tidak dapat menceritakan lebih mengenai pulau ini, karena kenyamanan dan nikmatnya suasana pantai serta indahnya pulau tengah laut ini hanya orang yang berkunjung kesanalah yang dapat menikmatinya.